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Nguyen Nguyen

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A 2nd year Information Science MSc at Ritsumeikan University, supervised by Lee Joo-Ho.
Before my master, I worked for Zalo corp. (Vietnam) as Software Engineer (Real-time Bidding System).


My research focuses on Image Processing, Human-Robot Interaction, and Machine Learning. My recent studies center around applications of Self-supervise Learning in Robot Behavior Planning and Medical Training Robot.


  • ContiNet: A Verifiable Continuous Robotic Facial Expression Generation Network (WIP)
    Tri Tung Nguyen Nguyen, Dinh Tuan Tran, Joo-Ho Lee
    [arxiv] [code]
  • Continuous Facial Expression Recognition for Patient Simulator Robot
    Tri Tung Nguyen Nguyen, Dinh Tuan Tran, Joo-Ho Lee
    Conference of the Robotics Society of Japan (RSJ), 2022

Working Experience

Apr 2022 - Present
Research Assistant, AIS Lab. (Ritsumeikan Univ.)
Developed a CAD powered solution for autonomous anomaly
detection of industrial 3D component designs
[Open Cascade] / [Python3]
Sep 2019 - Aug 2021
Backend Engineer, Zalo Adtima
Contributed mainly to Bidding and Billing features: RTB, bid
ranking, pricing estimation, content clustering, etc.
[Kafka] / [Scala] / [Python3]


  • Awarded Japanese Goverment (MEXT) Scholarship 2021 for Master program
  • Winner of TechMe 2019 Hackathon by YSO + Monash (Melbourne, Australia)